Store your toothbrush in a dry place

 Cleaning bristles

Bamboo is a natural material that behaves best when stored in a dry place. Cups containing water are not ideal. It will be the best kept if you will keep your toothbrush in a dry area.

Most toothpastes easily washed off the hair . If you have any problems with the paste sticking to the hair, use warm water and rub the paste by thumb.


 Toothbrush lifespan

Bamboo is a natural material wood, which fades with the time. The upper part of the handle, which is put into the mouth may begin fade after some time. This is normal!With proper care, our organic bamboo toothbrush can be used as long as their substitutes or plastic brushes. It is recommended that you replace the toothbrush every three months or until the breakthrough of the hair.